Towing Services

Towing Services in Socorro County

From flat tires to off-road accidents, all it takes is a split second to find yourself stranded on the side of the road. That's why NM Wrecker Service LLC is always there to lend a hand. With our towing services in Socorro County, you get dependable help from trained professionals whenever you need it. We can take on jobs for vehicles of any size, and respond quickly to calls around the clock. Our team also accepts insurance claims to make our help easy and affordable for every customer.

Best Equipment in the Business

There are two ingredients for great wrecker service. First, you need an experienced professional — something we have covered. Second, you need reliable equipment. Our team utilizes several specialized vehicles that tackle any challenge. Some of these include:

  • Standard Towing Truck
  • Rollback Truck with 21-Foot Bed & Easy Ramp Loading
  • 53-foot long Landoll Trailer that with 2 or 3 Vehicle Capacity & Hydraulic Bed
  • Wrecker with Hook Attachment for Heavy-Duty Hauling
Towing Service 2

Flatbed Hauling Service

Flatbed hauling offers several advantages to not only for the towing service but also to the client. Your load, whether it’s a car, equipment, or materials, is safer when transported using a flatbed. It’s easier to load and makes securing the items to be transported much simpler. This flexibility means that flatbed hauling is a better option in many cases than a standard tow truck or trailer. A flatbed is also more stable and offers superior maneuverability when working in tight spots.

You can also move larger vehicles on a flatbed. Sometimes a standard tow truck can’t haul trucks or vans because of their length or weight. We use the right equipment because getting your vehicle to its destination safely is our top priority.

From standard tow trucks to specialized equipment, we’re your first call when you’re stuck out on the road. Safe towing requires technicians that understand your vehicle and how to move it. So whether your car broke down in an awkward spot, or you need to move your vehicle to a storage facility, give us a call. We can provide flatbed hauling to get your car or truck where it needs to go. Our team is ready to help, no matter what your situation might be.

With the right tools for your needs, our experts are available for any job in New Mexico. You're only a call away from a solution when you find yourself stranded on the road. We offer 24/7 towing services.